Jonathan Wieler in the race for Red Deer City council

Jonathan Wieler in the race for Red Deer City council

Wieler details his platform for the campaign

Local business owner Jonathan Wieler is excited to announce he will be running in this fall’s municipal election for a seat on City council.

“I decided (to run) pretty much after the last election,” he explained. “I ran last time, and I did really, really well – I was happy with the support that I got from the community. And it kind of kept me going for the last four years.”

Wieler is certainly engaged with the community at large partly through his presence on social media.

He creates and posts videos about issues in the City, such as walkability, how safe the downtown is and snow removal to name a few.

“The last four years I’ve been talking a lot about walkability and urban design – issues like recycling and the environment, and things like that.” These days, in chatting with residents, the economy is certainly a major issue as well, as are City taxes, he said.

“Another issue is crime prevention, a serious issue in our community,” he said. “I’ve spoken with many people and heard stories about businesses being broken into, vehicles being stolen and drug needles found on streets – there’s a lot we need to clean up in this City,” he said. “Some of the best minds have come together over the last year to figure out what we can do, and there are some very feasible solutions that they have put forward.

“When I’m a councillor, I will be committed to making Red Deer safer by implementing these solutions and putting action behind our words,” he said. “Where it’s not just a plan – this is actually what we are going to do – these are some tangible things that people can see and that we are taking these steps.”

Another issue, as mentioned, is the environment. “The environment is a concern that I share with many Red Deerians – climate change and adaptation need to be the foundation of all of our plans going forward.”

The question, ‘how will this move us toward our environmental goals’ needs to be at the forefront?’ he said.

“As our City grows, we are going to be using more water, we are going to be using more energy, we are going to looking for more ways to manage waste and I think we have an amazing opportunity to make Red Deer truly environmentally sustainable.”

Wieler, who co-owns Bullseye Safety in Red Deer, also pointed to the ongoing struggles of many in these challenging economic times. “When I’m a councillor, I would insist on maximizing efficiencies in the system so we can pass those savings onto the citizens of Red Deer,” he said. “It’s very important that we focus on getting the best value for our tax dollars,” he said.

“I grew up in Red Deer, and this is the City that built me. I’ve lived here since I was a kid. I graduated from Hunting Hills, I went to RDC – I’m a family man, and Red Deer is the community where I am raising my kids,” he explained.

“Our City is a really good place to raise a family, and I’m proud to live here. And I want to give back to this community by serving on council, to ensure that the City continues to be a vibrant and prosperous place to live.

“I also think that the best asset I have is my ability to engage with people, and to communicate. I listen.

“I think that when people recognize my name, they’re going to say, ‘This is a guy who is young, energetic, hard-working and committed.”

And should he land on council this fall, that attention to engagement would only grow stronger, he said.

“I’m going to be out there talking to people,” he continued. “I’d still be going to the farmer’s markets, talking to people on the streets – I want to be that approachable guy that everyone can talk to,” he said, adding that a collaborative attitude is essential as well.

“Tell me what your ideas are – tell me what we need to do – it’s not just ‘me’, it’s ‘us’. What can we do together?”

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