Intersection speed camera warning tickets begin

Intersection speed camera warning tickets begin

Cameras set up at 10 intersections throughout Red Deer

Intersection speed cameras have started issuing warning tickets at 10 intersections in Red Deer.

Located at the same intersections as red light cameras, intersection speed cameras will issue tickets to drivers who speed through these intersections regardless of the colour of the signal. A warning period will run Sept. 11th to Oct. 10th, with regular tickets and fines starting Nov. 1st. Speed infractions will follow the specified penalties as listed in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act; demerit points are not issued for these offences.

“Intersection speed cameras complement our overall traffic enforcement strategy and specifically target intersections, where we know 66 per cent of collisions happen,” said Paul Goranson, Protective Services director with the City of Red Deer.

The following intersections are equipped with red light cameras, intersection speed cameras and warning signage for drivers. The cameras operate in four locations at a time and rotate around the City in two-week intervals: 32 St. – 30 Ave. eastbound; 32 St. – 30 Ave. southbound; 50 St. – 30 Ave. eastbound; 50 St. – 30 Ave. northbound; 49 St. – 49 Ave. northbound; 76 St. – 50 Ave. northbound; 59 St. – 50 Ave. southbound; 32 St. – Taylor Drive southbound; 67 St. – 50 Ave. northbound and 32 St. – 50 Ave. southbound.

Automated traffic enforcement, which includes red light cameras, speed intersection cameras and photo radar, complements the work done by the Red Deer RCMP Traffic Unit and Community Peace Officers, and frees police officers to respond to collisions and conduct traffic campaigns targeting distracted drivers, impaired drivers, and speeders at other high-risk locations such as school and playground zones. In Red Deer, automated traffic enforcement is in targeted areas, including locations with a documented history of high collisions and/or speeding drivers, and areas with high pedestrian traffic, per Alberta guidelines.

The revenue the City receives from automated traffic enforcement is used to support policing costs.

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– Fawcett