Injury won’t dampen Ware’s spirit

  • Apr. 3, 2013 3:07 p.m.

Injuries are a part of sport.

They have been for years and in spite of the massive amounts of training and preparing an athlete does these days it seems not one can prepare for an injury which could easily change a career forever.

I have seen some horrific injuries to athletes over the years on TV as well as in person and each one has formed the road for that individual to follow.

The ones which come to mind for me immediately are San Francisco Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky snapping his arm after delivering a pitch to Tim Raines of the Expos.

Clint Malarchuk receiving a six-inch gash to his neck after the Sabres goalie was involved in a goal-mouth collision and of course I will always have imprinted in my mind Joe Theismann of the Redskins getting sacked by Lawrence Taylor, the result being Theismann’s leg being snapped in half.

We can now add the name Kevin Ware to the list of YouTube videos which the weak of heart will not be able to watch at anytime even though some may take a peak at them.

The Louisville Cardinal forward was enjoying his team’s run at the NCAA March Madness tournament when all went wrong for this kid in one split second.

He attempted to block a shot Sunday afternoon, just like he had done hundreds of times during practice and games over his time as a basketball player.

This time when he landed on the court, his right leg snapped in two places above the ankle and below the knee.

Players of both teams reacted in shock and horror after witnessing this freak accident and will have that scene etched into their memories forever.

Many were crying and visibly shaken after seeing this young man’s leg splintered and possibly his sports playing career ended.

But out of all this comes the courage of this young athlete who completely forgot about his intense pain and reminded his teammates over and over that he would be fine and they should just go win this game and the national championship.

The Cardinals did manage to keep together and posted a 13-2 run in the second half ending with an 85-63 win over Duke and a spot in the final four.

The Cardinal players say the focus and determination to win came from Ware.

Here’s hoping this young man can come back and inspire his team from the court next season.