Incumbent Tara Veer will run this election

Former City councillor Jeffrey Dawson announces he will seek a comeback

A former City councillor and another incumbent have officially declared their candidacy for the 2010 Municipal Election.

Councillor Tara Veer and Jeffrey Dawson, who served four terms on council before being defeated after running for the mayor’s seat in 2007, have both thrown their hats into the ring.

“I feel fortunate to have had the privilege over the past six years to represent the people of Red Deer. I have always tried to make the best possible decisions I could on behalf of the people I have had the great responsibility to represent, and have worked diligently to address citizen concerns that have been brought to my attention and honour commitments I made in previous election campaigns,” said Veer.

“I absolutely love our community and the citizens that make Red Deer such a great place to live. I believe there is much that can and needs to be accomplished to make Red Deer even better, and I hope to be given another mandate from our public to help make that happen.”

Veer, who was first elected to council in 2004, said she feels it’s important to follow through on the many “critical issues our community is currently faced with.”

“Our city is at a critical juncture and there are many issues on the public agenda that the next council will need to weigh with great consideration,” said Veer. “I am particularly concerned about the challenges the City and our private and corporate citizens are faced with as a result of our recessed economy, the future of our ambulance and fire emergency response, the impacts of recent and proposed annexations, and key public safety, transportation, environmental, and development decisions the next council will debate.”

Earlier this year, there was speculation Veer would run for the mayor’s chair.

“I am grateful for and honoured by the encouragement I have received from the public to consider the mayor’s office, whether now or in the future,” she said. “While I hope to one day have the opportunity to represent our community in another elected capacity, there is much that I would still like to accomplish as a councillor on behalf of the people I have the great privilege and responsibility to represent.”

Meanwhile, Dawson said after a three year reprieve from council, he’s ready to get back at it.

“I look forward to the opportunity to return to City council and help build Red Deer into a greater City,” he said. “We need to continue with our successful efforts in downtown and resolve the current issues that have arisen from the additional activities.”

Dawson added if he is elected he will become more involved in the provincial and national associations for municipal government.

“I also think of myself as an ideas person and I think that has spurred people to jump on those ideas and form ideas themselves,” he said.

Dawson said he believes the next three to nine years will be crucial as Red Deer enters its second century and must manage from being the small town to take its place as the third largest urban centre in Alberta.

The municipal election will take place Oct. 18.