Heated Super Bowl battle right to the end

  • Feb. 4, 2015 4:02 p.m.

Seahawks fans across North America shed tears of sorrow Sunday evening. Jerseys were thrown to the floor and hats tossed across bars.

Patriots’ fans faces were a mix of pure joy and mild confusion as they watched in awe as their team received their first Super Bowl win in 10 years, reviving our faith in the Pats once more.

As frustrating as it was to watch the Patriots continuously attempt to try and run the ball and be denied by Seahawks staggering defense time after time, with Tom Brady at their helm throwing four touchdown passes they miraculously came back from the depths of defeat and took home the Vince Lombardi trophy with a 28-24 win.

Brady earned himself a third game MVP title, as well as joined the ranks of Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to bag four Super Bowl wins.

In what was truly a display of the primal meaning of sport, the two teams’ bold battle to the finish was unmatched by the last decade of previous Super Bowls.

The sheer number of mind-blowing feats of athleticism shown from both teams made the game unforgettable. I’ve never bore witness to so many fans being close to crying as there were when the Pats’ defense shut down the Seahawks last attempt at the goal line in the last 20 seconds of the game.

The tensions were high; the stakes even higher. With only 20 seconds left on the clock Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s last attempt was intercepted in the end zone by the Pat’s rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler in what was Butler’s only career interception.

Seahawks fans may never forgive Wilson’s decision not to run the ball the few yards needed, with Pats fans likely never letting them live it down either.

The controversial decision was one Wilson and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll will likely regret for the rest of their lives, as it was the decision that cost them a Super Bowl.

The pre-game talk of the beginning of a Seahawks dynasty were shattered before fans’ eyes with Brady and Pats coach Bill Belichick continuing the lasting legacy that has been the Patriots over the course of the Brady-Belichick era.

Sorry Seahawks, better luck next year.