BALANCING ACT - This year’s Grand Gala in support of Vantage Community Services runs Sept. 14th at Westerner Park. Pictured here is a scene from last year’s colourful and engaging event.Red Deer Express file photo

BALANCING ACT - This year’s Grand Gala in support of Vantage Community Services runs Sept. 14th at Westerner Park. Pictured here is a scene from last year’s colourful and engaging event. Red Deer Express file photo

Grand Gala coming up this month

Vantage Community Services’ annual fundraiser runs Sept. 14th

Staff and volunteers of Red Deer-based Vantage Community Services are putting the finishing touches on the annual ‘Grand Gala’ fundraiser set to run Sept. 14th.

The Grand Gala – to be held in the Marquis Room at Westerner Park – is described as an art-themed event where Central Alberta’s creative and artistic culture is showcased.

Cocktails are at 6 p.m. with dinner slated for 7 p.m. Tickets are available up until Sept. 10th.

According to the web site, “The evening will feature interactive art, an art gallery, silent auction and coveted raffle prizes. At the gala, you will be welcomed with champagne, enjoy delicious food, music, and alluring decor to complete a memorable and enjoyable evening.”

This year’s fundraising goal is $50,000.

“The Grand Gala is our second annual major fundraiser. At Vantage Community Services, we had been talking for quite a while about having a major event each year for fundraising and also to let the community know about our services that are available” said Robecca Chahine, the organization’s CEO.

“We’ve really focused on trying to do something a little bit different in the community as far as a fun, entertaining event for people to attend,” she added. “Our theme is art-based – and it’s art of all different kinds.

“This year, we will have – as we did last year – art models, a performance. Last year, we had aerialists, and this year we will more in the way of dancers and floor routines,” she explained. “We will have various performances throughout the evening in order to spread things out,” she said.

There will also be a silent ‘art’ auction, plus a regular art auction, raffle prizes, and a 50/50.

“We will also be having wonderful food served, music and the decor is absolutely going to be breathtaking as it was last year, out of the generous contributions of various donors throughout the City who are donating and sponsoring through floral arrangements, lighting, centerpieces and those types of things.”

Chahine said the feedback from last year’s event was extremely encouraging.

“We received quite a bit of feedback about how fun and entertaining the evening was,” she said. “The focus is on fundraising, but we want to make sure people are enjoying themselves, too.” Feedback also pointed to how unique and interactive the evening was, too.

“People were seeing friends that they hadn’t seen in a long time; there was plenty of stimulating to keep people entertained throughout the evening.

“You get to have a wonderful evening, and you almost get to see the personality of Vantage Community Services,” she said.

Vantage Community Services has been serving Central Albertans for more than 30 years.

“Our mission statement is to build capacity in people by creating opportunities and instilling hope and confidence,” she said. “We are there to help guide you, empower you, and to find your own strengths to be able to manage life’s challenges that come at you. If we can be there as a support through those difficult time, and help you build some skills in order to cope, and manage and be resilient when other difficult times come and you may not have those supports – that’s what we want to do for you,” she said.

“We want to contribute to a healthy community in Red Deer and the surrounding area.”

Vantage Community Services offers group and individual therapy, various workshops, group care facilities among many other services.

Tickets for the Grand Gala are available by calling the Vantage Community Services office at 403-340-8995 or by visiting