Good-hearted Gumby saves the day

  • Nov. 6, 2013 5:30 p.m.

It was amazing and I am so thankful.

On Friday, Nov. 1, I was taking Sugar for a late night walk around the block. I smiled to myself as I passed by a house where a group of Halloween costumed people were gathering at the front door.

I noticed one of them in particular as being a very good resemblance of Gumby, the big green character from children’s TV.

Sugar was nonchalantly prancing along slightly ahead of me.

Suddenly, a dog burst out from behind the partiers and headed straight for Sugar. I would have picked her up but the dog beat me to her. I tried to fend it off with my foot but I’m not too agile or aggressive.

So I did what I could and screamed. It was terrifying!

And even when Gumby threw himself into the middle of the fight, the outlook was terribly bleak. He tried and tried and tried to make that dog let go of Sugar but to no avail. Finally, the dog released its grip on Sugar’s neck, hastily retreated, and was out of sight.

Another kind young man from the party examined Sugar’s bleeding eye and a gash behind her ear. She stood there calmly while we tried to assess the damage. I decided to let her walk back home since it was only half a block and she was alert and on her feet; thanks to Gumby, alias Jared Havell.

After cutting her hair and examining and washing her wounds thoroughly, (there are seven puncture wounds) we blow-dried her and set her down gently on a clean towel. But Sugar jumped right up, got her ball and wanted to play. So I let her run around a bit before going to bed.

In the morning she wanted to go outside, then came in for breakfast. She is now on antibiotics and is doing really well thanks to Gumby; if it hadn’t been for Gumby being so brave and willing to sacrifice a badly skinned knee, I am afraid that we would have lost Sugar.

I am so thankful for that young man, JARED HAVELL and his big brave heart who rescued our vulnerable little Sugar. Thank you Jared.

Nancy Querengesser

Red Deer