Frank Wong

Frank Wong

Frank Wong seeks a fifth term on council

Wong wants to focus on growth and development to the north

Current Red Deer City Councillor Frank Wong is seeking a fifth term on council.

“I would like to see a couple of things that I started, even 10 years ago, that are almost to fruition, happen,” said Wong, a former City planner. “That is getting some serviced industrial, commercial and residential land up north of Highway 11A so that we can compete with our neighbours.”

He added the neighbouring municipalities are growing on the City’s account.

“Residents in those communities can get to the workplaces in Queen’s (Business Park) and Edgar (Industrial Park) faster than people living in Vanier.

“I know people who have moved to Sylvan Lake and Blackfalds, but they still work in town,” he said. “I’m passionate about our growth in the north. I mentioned in my first term that we were almost out of land – we were developing Johnstone Park then – and then for 15 years we’re not going to have any residential land available. We went to the southeast. Just recently we approved the major plan up there (in the north). I talked to the Hazlett family recently and they hope to get going if possible.

“I hope to see some of the development get started this year, depending on the economy.”

Enhancing community safety is also one of the top priorities for Wong.

“I would like to see us work closer with the RCMP to enhance safety,” he said. “I would also like to keep taxes low. And I want to make sure we follow our capital plan. Last year, someone introduced in the middle of nowhere, the bridge for Bower Ponds – a $20 million hit.”

Wong said increasing the number of affordable housing in Red Deer is a priority.

“As well, our traffic lights are not synchronized in the City. It takes me five minutes to get just over a mile (because the lights are not synchronized).”

As for his campaign, Wong said he stands for, “Equal opportunity, balanced City growth, affordable housing, getting the crime rate down a bit as well as our finances.”

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