Fourth quarter crime stats show continued decreases in property and persons crimes

Fourth quarter crime stats show continued decreases in property and persons crimes

Consistent with other local detachments, sexual assaults continue to increase

According to fourth quarter statistics for 2018, property and persons crimes continue to decline in Red Deer, when compared to previous years.

“As we reported our quarterly numbers throughout 2018, we consistently saw decreases across key areas, including break and enter and theft of motor vehicles, and our fourth quarter numbers give us a full year’s worth of data, which confirms that our commitment to putting the pressure on repeat offenders and returning them to jail at every opportunity is working,” said Insp. Gerald Grobmeier.

Overall, in Red Deer total Criminal Code files decrease by 23 per cent when comparing 2018 to 2017.

Other notable results for the same time period include – total persons crimes have decreased by seven per cent, and are now at a five year low. Robberies decreased by 25 per cent, with 115 occurring in 2018 following a high of 172 in 2016.

Theft under $5,000 decreased by 23 per cent, and is now the lowest it’s been in five years.

Consistent with other detachments in the Central Alberta district, sexual assaults continue to increase; this year there was a 20 per cent increase in sexual assaults.

Total property crime decreased by 28 per cent and is now at the lowest rate in five years.

Break and enters decreased by 12 per cent; following a spike in 2017, the number is now lower than in 2016.

Theft of motor vehicles decreased by 34 per cent; at 1,024 vehicles, this is now the lowest rate in Red Deer in five years.

Mischief to property decreased by 37 per cent.

Calls to the RCMP non-emergency complaint line have also increased throughout the year, indicating the public’s commitment to reporting crime and helping police to target hot spots.

Calls to the complaint line increased by two per cent in 2018, from 50,822 in 2017 to 51,972 in 2018.

“These statistics tell us crime rates are declining in our community, but we know we still have work to do – we need to continue focusing our efforts on the career criminals who are responsible for the vast majority of crime and disruption in our city,” said Grobmeier.

One of the ways police are working to reduce crime is through Pinpoint, a made in Red Deer program that targets repeat offenders and crime hotspots.

Between Oct. 11th, 2018 and Jan. 6th, 2019, Red Deer RCMP conducted 376 checks on targeted people and addresses identified through Pinpoint, including 14 identified people on parole and/or probation and 39 more career criminals with an active history of property crime.

Police also conducted another 971 checks in crime hot spots.

During the fourth quarter of 2018, 172 charges have been laid specific to targets identified through Pinpoint, and 96 warrants have been executed.

“With community safety and crime reduction as a priority for citizens and City council, it’s extremely encouraging to see an overall reduction in crime trends,” said Mayor Tara Veer.

“Through dialogue with the community, council recognizes the high significance our community places on community safety and crime, and the investments we’ve made in this area, including new members, are having a positive impact. We will continue to shift toward a proactive model of police response until all of our community safety objectives are achieved.”

-Submitted by the City of Red Deer