Fire ban still in effect for Red Deer

Fire ban still in effect for Red Deer

Ban will remain in effect until conditions change

Residents are reminded that a full, city-wide fire ban is still in place.

“While we’ve seen some improvement for now in the air quality locally, conditions in our urban forest areas are still very dry,” said Wes Van Bavel, fire marshal. “Any rain we do receive will be absorbed quickly, so we need significant precipitation in order to reduce the risk before we can lift the fire ban.”

The following fires are not allowed:

o Open fires using charcoal, briquettes or wood in the City of Red Deer o Any source of open flame (i.e. Tiki Torches)

All existing fire permits are suspended.

The following fires are allowed:

o Certified portable gas fire pits

o Certified gas stoves or barbeques designed for cooking

o Certified cooking appliances utilizing charcoal, briquettes or wood pellets on residential property

“We have responded to a number of fire pit complaints, which tie up valuable resources and put the public and firefighters at unnecessary risk,” said Van Bavel. “We’re asking for the help and cooperation of residents during the ban, which is in place to prevent fires in the city and to reduce health concerns. We encourage anyone who sees a prohibited fire to call 911.”

Any person contravening the fire ban will be subject to a $210 fine and applicable response fees.

Residents are encouraged to take extra caution to prevent fires. Proper disposal of smoking materials is very important as many fires are started by individuals throwing them out a window or discarding them in plants.

The fire ban will remain in effect until conditions change, and further notice is given. Updates are available here.

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