Environmental Plan adopted for City

Red Deer City council has adopted a document that will help guide the community and support the municipality in making decisions related to the environment.

The Environmental Master Plan will provide the foundation for environmental action in the City. It is also a living document that will change and adapt to new environmental practices as they are discovered or as the community grows and changes.

“This is a document to be proud of in our City,” said Councillor Dianne Wyntjes. “We have a lot of education to do especially when it comes to what we can do in our homes and businesses so that we as a City can put ourselves on the map.”

The Plan defines the City’s environmental priorities and goals. It includes a 25-year vision with short, medium and long-term recommendations to address Red Deer’s environmental priorities.

The intent of the Environmental Master Plan is to give the City and residents a road map to improve environmental performance. To achieve this, the plan includes goals and measureable environmental targets for both the City of Red Deer as a corporation and for the community as a whole.

The Plan has seven focus areas and includes air, water, ecology, transportation, built environment, waste and energy.

The anticipated outcomes of the Plan include streamlined City-wide environmental actions and initiatives, improved environmental performance for the City and increased environmental awareness among City staff and residents.”

The document will be reviewed annually and results will be reported to residents.

“I think this document is absolutely brilliant,” said Councillor Paul Harris. “The environment doesn’t depend on us. We depend on the environment and I think this is a good example of us trying to do something to keep that dependency alive.

“Each of us has a role to play and I hope the community supports us in this.”

For more information about the plan visit www.reddeer.ca/environmentalmasterplan.