Earth Day and Easter event at Kerry Wood Nature Centre

  • Apr. 9, 2014 4:00 p.m.

Breaking from tradition, this year families can celebrate both Earth Day and Easter together during a Kerry Wood Nature Centre combination event.

“Where Easter happens to fall this year, it is the closest Sunday to Earth Day, so we decided that instead of hosting two separate events we would just combine them,” said Lauren Maris, who works with the City of Red Deer in the environmental services department.

The City of Red Deer’s Environmental Initiatives department and Kerry Wood Nature Centre come together each year to host an event both for Easter and Earth Day.

“On the Earth Day side, we’ll have things like some eco-crafts, nature walks and tree planting if Mother Nature allows it, and we will have a bit of a trade show with local environmental associations showing the good work that they do.”

For the Easter celebration part of events, the Nature Centre will host an Easter egg hunt in the facility’s sanctuary. Kids will collect information and facts on the wildlife in the area while they earn their Easter candy.

“When the kids arrive, they’ll come to the desk, get registered and then receive a piece of paper with some questions on it. They will hunt for plastic eggs that contain the answers to the questions. This way, candies don’t get left out in the environment,” said Todd Nivens, program coordinator at the centre.

Nivens said that Earth Day at Kerry Wood Nature Centre is usually about connecting people to the environmental groups and services that are in and around the Red Deer area.

And Maris added that each year, the events at Kerry Wood Nature Centre draw large crowds and that the City is looking forward to a similar turn-out this year.

“It’s going to be great. Both of these traditionally have really great response and so I think that combined it’s just extra fun,” said Maris.

Kathryn Huedepohl, public programmer and special events coordinator at Kerry Wood Nature Centre, agreed. “I’m looking forward to it. I always enjoy the Earth Day events because we can get people information on how to be a little bit greener and get them in contact with people who can help them with that,” she said

“We like to keep things really family-focused and kid-friendly so that people can have fun, because you learn more when you’re having fun.”

The event is free, however, Kerry Wood Nature Centre always accepts donations if patrons wish to donate.