Drive Change comes to Red Deer

  • Aug. 1, 2012 3:34 p.m.

Central Albertan’s are being invited to submit their stories and reasons for deserving a new car as part of a local car dealership’s campaign.

Scott Kia’s Drive Change campaign was recently launched in Red Deer.

“We want to help make someone’s journey easier, so we are looking for a true life story of a local struggle of a person or group. One that a new vehicle in their lives would make a world of difference; one of great need,” said Willy Wilson, marketing director.

Last year, 117 Drive Change events were held across Canada and $45,000 was donated to community projects and not-for-profit organizations.

Wilson said part of the premise behind the Drive Change event is to make the world around us a better place and give back to the communities.

This year in Red Deer, one deserving person or group will receive a new 2011 Kia Soul on Aug. 21st — Drive Change Day.

Robert Nichol, general sales manager at Kipp Scott Kia, said the goal is to give the car to someone who will really benefit from it.

The Drive Change events got their start after a woman’s story was noted and it was thought she deserved a car.

“There was this lady and her child who had some medical issues and they had to take a bus for two hours into Toronto and sometimes stay overnight. To be able to let this lady have a new vehicle and allow her life to move forwards, that’s what we’re talking about,” said Nichol.

He said that is the kind of person’s life that they would like to change by providing them with a car.

“The Drive Change campaign is just a goodwill story and we want to help Red Deerian’s with that.”

Nichol said what people really need to know is that it’s not a draw, it’s not luck, that it is based on people’s plight in life.

“We really want the people in Red Deer to understand that we’re on their side,” said Nichol.

Nichol said there might end up being 100-150 legitimate entries.

“We live in a pretty decent place and there really aren’t too many people who are really strapped.”

There are three weeks left to get entries in and Nichol said it could come right down to the wire where somebody submits the most deserving story the morning of Aug. 21st.

“Initially we wanted to give the car to people who were actively involved in the community and this car could help them out, but then we looked at the original Drive Change event and it came down to giving this car to someone who needs it.”

To submit a story or for more information visit