Dog licenses available

Red Deerians will be able to renew their dog license or purchase a license for the first time starting Dec. 1st.

All currently registered dog owners will receive a letter in the mail that contains a personal information number that can be used if they want to renew their license online.

There are many locations around the City where Red Deerians can get a first time dog license or renew their current one as well. Some of the places include Alberta Animal Services, the SPCA, One Stop License Shop, Red Deer Registries, Petland or from the cashiers on the main floor of City Hall.

An altered dog costs $26 to license for the year while an unaltered dog is $56. At some locations there may be an administration fee.

People with current dog licenses for the year 2011 are encouraged to renew before the end of the month as the current year’s licenses expire Dec. 31st.

The penalty for an unlicensed dog in the City of Red Deer is $250 for the first offence, $500 for the second, and $750 for the third.

If a dog loses its tag, owners can purchase a replacement tag for a $10 fee. These replacements can be bought at any of the same locations as the initial licenses.

When licensing a dog, Red Deerians should remember to bring the following: microchip identification number or tattoo identification number, the name of the veterinarian as well as the veterinarian’s telephone number.

The information is collected to ensure that pet owners can be reunited with their pet should the animal be stolen or lost.

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