QUICK SNACK-Bronte Hamilton cooks up some baguette pizza pieces at her Red Deer family home.

Cooking with teens: Baguette pizza pieces

At my house there’s nothing to eat according to my lovely, 17-year-old daughter, even two hours after I just finished unpacking a week’s worth of groceries.

She’ll open the fridge door, peer inside, shut the door, then open the freezer door and exclaim, ‘There‘s nothing to eat! Can we get pizza?’’

I’ll reply, NO! Then she’s not hungry anymore. It can be really hard sometimes to find healthy snacks that are easy to make and teen approved and don’t come in a package.

If this sounds like your house, try this recipe: Baguette pizza pieces. This is quick and easy enough for a teen to make.

Most importantly it is teen approved!

* 1 baguette, sliced into 1 inch pieces

* 3 fresh tomatoes, diced

* 50 gr. pepperoni or ham

* 1 cup shredded cheese, mozza, cheddar, or parmesan

* 1 small can pizza sauce

* fresh ground pepper

We divide the baguette in half and make some cheese, meat and veggies.

You can make these with any of your favourite toppings, such as ham and pineapple. Spread some pizza sauce over the baguette pieces, and then add the meat, cheese, and fresh tomatoes.

Cook for five to six minutes in your oven at 500C.

My daughter admitted they didn’t take long to make and tasted great! That’s as good as it gets.

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