Classroom funding welcomed by public schools

Classroom funding welcomed by public schools

Red Deer officials react to recent government announcement

By Emily Rogers

Red Deer Express

An additional $75 million will be invested to benefit students and teachers during the upcoming school year.

The Alberta Teacher’s Association and the Teachers Employer Bargaining Association agreed to the Classroom Improvement Fund (CIF), in May.

Under the agreement school boards and teachers will create a joint proposal of how the CIF grant will be used during the school year. Many types of resources to improve the classroom are eligible, including new teachers, support staff, in classroom recourses, and professional development supports.

Stu Henry, superintendent of the Red Deer Public Schools, said he was pleased when he first heard the news of the CIF, and applauds the intent of the government.

He added the CIF will greatly impact schools as the schools will be able to hire support staff to help students with learning disabilities and unique needs.

“The fund will improve students experiences in the classroom,” Henry said, adding with the increase of staff the schools can ensure all students are having positive learning experiences and finding success in the classroom.

“The CIF will improve classrooms by providing targeted resources to better address the needs of students through central table bargaining. We have ensured that teachers have a voice in determining how funding can best be used to support teaching and learning,” said Mark Ramsankar, president of the Alberta Teachers Association.