NEW LOOK-Isabella Chapman

NEW LOOK-Isabella Chapman

City girl donates hair for wig

Eight-year-old Isabella Chapman, a Red Deer girl going into Gr. 3 at Oriole Park School, is donating her colourful red hair to help another child who’s lost her hair because of cancer.

Last Friday, at Green Apple in Parkland Mall, her hair was cut off. Her grandmother, Sherri Chapman, says it will go to Kids for Cancer.

Chapman says, “She wanted to do something good for people who aren’t having a good time, to someone who doesn’t have any hair right now and can use it as a wig.

“She has beautiful long, curly, red hair in ringlets and afterwards her hair will be really short. But it will grow back,” added Chapman. “Her mother, Terri Lynn, was there and probably shedding a few tears. But it’s something that Isabella really wanted to do. She’s even been trying to get her aunt and her aunt’s boyfriend to do it too.”

Chapman says Isabella is issuing a challenge to other children to do the same thing and get their hair cut off and donate it to a worthy organization.

Various organizations use donated hair to make realistic-looking wigs for people, like financially disadvantaged children and female cancer survivors, who’ve lost their hair due to cancer or other medical conditions.

Most organizations set guidelines like length, no chemicals, etc. for hair donations so it is best to do some research if this generous idea appeals to you.