City council campaign costs disclosed

  • Apr. 2, 2014 8:21 p.m.

City council learned of campaign contributions and expenses from last year’s municipal election during this week’s regular meeting.

The report is provided for council’s information – it also requires mandatory reporting from the mayor and council candidates and voluntary reporting from school trustee candidates.

City Clerk Frieda McDougall said that the documents are public information and will ultimately be posted on the City’s web site as well.

Among the biggest campaign spenders were mayoral candidate Cindy Jefferies, whose campaign expenses in total were $31,610.98. Her total campaign contributions were $31,672.97. According to the report, she actually ended up with a surplus of $61.98.

Mayor Tara Veer’s total campaign expenses were $21,613.33. Her total donations were $19,225 with self-contributions of $2,388.66.

Mayor candidate William Horn’s total campaign expenses were $9,985.78. Chad Mason spent $2,079.45 while Dennis Trepanier’s total campaign expenses were $4,070.04.

In terms of the council candidate expenses, Councillor Dianne Wyntjes spent the most with total campaign expenses at $24,318.81. Her total campaign donations were $10,280, donations in-kind were $5,154 and self contributions were $8,884.81.

The second highest council campaign expenditure was made by Lawrence Lee whose total campaign expenses were $10,943.63. His total donations were $8,050 with self-contributions of $2,893.63.

On the low end, candidate Tim Lasiuta’s total campaign expenses were listed at 45 cents while Troy Wavrecan didn’t spend anything. Bettylyn Baker, David Helm and Bob Bevins were listed as ‘self-funded’ on the report.

In last year’s election, five candidates ran for the office of mayor while 30 ran for a seat on council. The report was received as information.