Christine Moore

Christine Moore

Christine Moore looking for second term as County councillor

Moore added serving community is a driving force which keeps her energized

County Division 6 Councillor Christine Moore has decided to throw her name in again for this year’s municipal election.

The incumbent councillor is running on her four principles of experience, accountability, engagement and being a passionate advocate, she said.

Moore explained her experience comes from her time as deputy mayor, as well as being involved with various board and commissions.

Her accountability comes from her proven track record on council, as well as council’s history of not raising the tax rate for three years, she added.

Her engagement comes from being involved with various functions – including being the co-founder of the Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off.

Her being a passionate advocate is demonstrated by being involved with council advocating the minister of justice to implement enhanced policing in Red Deer County, she continued.

“I am a real collaborator and I believe in regional collaboration. We have to collaborate with our partners to set everyone up or success. It makes sound fiscal sense.”

This will be the second term for Moore if she is re-elected.

“I’ve decided to run again because we made really good ground in the last four years,” Moore said. “We have great momentum going in the County and I feel we need experienced leadership to continue to fulfill our potential.”

Moore feels she has earned the trust of her residents and hopes to continue to represent them.

“I feel I have put in the time and I have really worked hard to represent my residents,” she said. “I have got to know them and I feel like I have made good relationships and trust. I feel they trust me to be their voice at the table.”

Moore believes one of the main issues affecting Red Deer County is growth.

“It is a celebration really and we have to meet our growth,” she said. “The population is changing and younger people are moving into the County. We did a needs assessment, where we asked what our residents want. That will be a tool for the next council to fulfill what they heard.”

She added economic development has been key to the County’s success in the last term.

“I hope to build on what we already started,” she said. “We have great things happening with economic development. Last term, we completed all our strategic goals and added a new one, which was economic development.

“That is doing very well, as you can see in Gasoline Alley. I would like to work on our relationships regionally and continue to work hard to listen what the residents are saying.”

Moore believes the relationship of the last council and the leadership of the County mayor allowed them to reach their strategic goals.

“Mayor Wood is an excellent leader,” she said. “He is a spokesmen and a champion of Red Deer County. He is a great resource to councillors. He has done an excellent job and I credit his work out in the community.”

Moore added serving community is a driving force which keeps her energized. She intends to continue to speak to her constituents throughout the campaign.

“I have a series of conversations – Let’s talk Turkey – going on throughout my campaign,” she said. “I want to talk to my residents and hear how I can help them with their concerns.”

She added, “I would like to thank Division 6 for all the past support. I am overwhelmed with all the messages of support since I launched my campaign.”

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