Deborah Checkel

Deborah Checkel

Checkel named Liberal candidate for Red Deer South

  • Apr. 22, 2015 2:42 p.m.

Red Deer resident Deborah Checkel is representing the Liberal Party in Red Deer South.

Checkel, a four-year resident of the City and a counsellor, said she became a supporter of the Liberals a few years ago. “I did start out six years ago with the Wildrose, but my husband and I became disenchanted with them about three years ago. A year and a half ago I switched over to the Alberta Liberals.”

Checkel added she coins herself as a social, progressive democrat.

“I firmly believe we can balance the budget fairly for everyone and that we can still provide for the needs for those people who are facing challenges or who are underprivileged in some way,” she said. “The Liberal platform involves making sure we continue to support quality education. We know that there have been cuts in the budget that have come down as a directive to the public school boards and this has very much tied their hands with what they can do with that budget.

“Another one is the healthcare system and care for seniors as we move forward. Again, we know that there have been cuts and questionable management around care for hospital patients and seniors. And the last one of course is the fiscal management of the province’s resources and taxation funding and where all of that is going – or not going.”

Checkel said she has been door knocking during her campaign and she is hearing a strong message from constituents.

“I have heard people telling me they would like any party but the Conservatives,” she said. “I have heard and talked to nurses and teachers and even some involved with the legal system. I have talked to people involved with the oil field who are concerned about their jobs and losing their homes and being able to feed their families.”

So far, Checkel said she has enjoyed the campaign.

“I really enjoy contact with people. I don’t mind conflict as far as debate – I like to have a good discussion. I do enjoy being involved in the whole process.”

In addition, Checkel added she has had a long-time interest in politics.

“I have had an interest in that I have stayed in tune with the news reports as the years have gone by. After I had finished my professional training I had intended to get involved in politics.”