KEY HOLDER- Jennifer Korchak with her daughter Isabell

KEY HOLDER- Jennifer Korchak with her daughter Isabell

Caramilk ‘key holder’ back from Toronto

One lucky local woman is back from Toronto after finding one of the 10 golden keys hidden inside a Caramilk bar.

Sylvan Lake’s Jennifer Korchak was the fifth person to find one of 10 golden keys hidden inside Caramilk bars all over Canada.

Korchak and nine other key holders travelled to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Toronto to see which key unlocked the Caramilk vault to become the protector of the Caramilk Secret and win $125,000.

The Caramilk bar was introduced in North America in the sixties and became an instantaneous success; millions of bars are sold each year, making Caramilk one of the most popular candy around. The bar is divided into several sections made of chocolate, each with a liquid caramel inside.

Korchak bought a Caramilk candy bar for her daughter, Isabell, 3, at the south end Sobeys in Red Deer not expecting to be one of the key holders.

“I was in the gym working out and we needed milk so I swung by Sobeys, grabbed my daughter a bar and brought it home,” said Korchak.

She grabbed the first bar on the top of the pile, not realizing what she held in her hand.

“I opened it, but before we were kind of staring at it and my daughter took a bite of it, and she said ‘This is a gross chocolate bar’, and then for three days she was asking for another one,” said Korchak.

Korchak said her husband was more excited at first but it took her some time to get in the same mood.

“I wasn’t that excited because the way things are set up now-a-days it is like you are one in 1,000 and you win a fanny pack,” she said.

Korchak’s key wasn’t the winner, but she said she had a good trip and is glad to be home.

“It was nerve-wracking at first because there were lots of people with cameras in my face,” said Korchak.

She was joined by her husband, Kevin, and they celebrated their five year anniversary together.

“I’m not overly disappointed that we didn’t win, but now I don’t have the responsibility that comes with winning money,” said Korchak.

Lisa Landry of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, held the winning key and is now the protector of the Caramilk Secret.

Landry will also receive another $125,000 if she returns the Caramilk Secret unopened within six months, a tough task to complete for anyone.

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