ON THE HUNT – Sheldon Smithens

ON THE HUNT – Sheldon Smithens

Canadian Pickers headed to Central Alberta

  • Mar. 6, 2013 3:57 p.m.

Canadian Pickers Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens are headed to Alberta mid-March looking for collectibles and antiques – the odd and the unique.

“From our perspective, if you’ve got stuff like we buy on the show we’re ready to come and pick it from you,” said Cozens.

The hit TV series, Canadian Pickers, has drawn much attention across the country as Smithens and Cozens travel from province to province acquiring items both for resale, auction, or at times, for a specific buyer.

“There are certain items that we have a buyer for before we even find or purchase the item. Right now though we’re on a mission for a celebrity figure to outfit their home in western gear,” said Cozens.

People are asked to email the duo if they feel they have a particularly intriguing collection of items or an assortment of antiques for them to potentially purchase.

Smithens said there are certain things they look for in each province or that there are things that are more prominent in one province over another.

“In this area we’re always on the lookout for North West Mounted Police and railroad associated items as well as anything unusual or historical,” said Smithens.

This won’t be their first filming in Alberta either as they did picks in Penhold and Wetaskiwin in previous seasons. “We just like Central Alberta. I mean really, what’s not to like?” said Smithens.

Both men said they enjoy what they do and Smithens said nothing gives them more joy than someone who comes up to tell them that they enjoy watching the show as a family.

“It’s the thrill of the hunt to find the stuff but the real enjoyment comes from meeting the people that we do along the way. There are some really interesting people out there,” said Cozens.

They added while they’re excited to be heading back to Alberta, they also enjoy the travelling they get to do.

“Some people tell us they love the show because they love the travelling we do. They maybe don’t get to go to the east coast but they get to see it through our eyes. It gives us a lot of pleasure when people tell us it feels like they’re on the road with us,” said Smithens.

The pair have a warehouse in Calgary where their acquisitions are held and Cozens said they’re especially looking forward to their auction during their stay in Alberta.

“The auction will be a big selection of stuff that I’ve bought and collected over the last 40 years. I have three kids and the two little ones are too big to share a room so I had no other choice but to clear out my antique room and sell my personal collection,” said Cozens.

The annual auction will be held at Hall’s Auction in Calgary on March 17th and Cozens said they expect to be in Alberta from around the March 15th to the 20th.

To contact Smithens and Cozens visit www.canadianpickers.com or for more information on the upcoming auction visit www.hallsauction.com.