Bright future for local golfer

Like reading the line of a breaking putt or picking out a spot to hit a laser-like wedge, Red Deer’s Mitch Evanecz has his sights set on one thing and that’s to be a professional golfer.

Well, the soon to be 26-year-old now has conditional status on the Canadian Tour so you can scratch that off the list but arguably the bigger challenge is to improve on that status and climb even higher in the pro-golf ranks.

“I’m trying to fight for more status on the Canadian Tour, retain my card, keep that job and then try and look forward and get some others,” he said, explaining his short term goals.

“Once you get one card it kind of free things up and you want to look for the next step.”

When he was 19 or 20, Evanecz was polishing up his crystal ball and his golf game because this was the future he could see for himself.

“I was pushing for it, trying to get my game to a higher level so I could turn professional and be able to have success. I’m just trying to work really hard on my game and get it to another level.”

He had plenty of success in the amateur ranks but he is quick to point out the course he finds himself on now just got a whole lot tougher.

“Amateur events are pretty top-heavy, with the Canadian Tour it’s solid all the way through. Every guy can play, every guy can put it together each and every week so it’s really competitive.”

It’s that competition which drives him towards his goal of one day playing on the PGA tour as a regular but he fully comprehends the degree of difficulty and the added stress when you are standing over a putt which determines what sort of pay cheque you will cash that week, if at all.

“Every shot counts, every shot is more dough in your pocket but you’re just focusing on each opportunity that you get.”

Those opportunities came his way through the generosity of family and friends, something he hasn’t forgotten as he works his way towards the goal he set for himself.

“That support from home has been great, just great,” he said.

Even though it’s a full time job for him he says his attitude towards the game has changed and it’s more fun.

“Golf is the easy part.”

All the other things which go with being a professional are the areas he says are tougher but he learns from his fellow professionals on what to do to get organized.

“But I can’t take a week off at all out there.”