Bark at the Bend set for this weekend

After experimenting with the location for Bark at the Bend, the SPCA has decided once again to take the event to Three Mile Bend.

On June 23rd, Red Deerians are invited to bring their four-legged friends and join the SPCA for a few hours of fun and fundraising.

“We know everybody loves the dog park and it’s a very popular place so we decided to bring it back,” said Tara Heppel, executive director.

Heppel said it will be a full day including having the Wannawafel truck present so people can have fresh waffles after their walk around the park.

The retail store will also be present at the event for people to take a look at and possibly purchase from.

In order to take part in the walk people are asked to gather a minimum of $25 in pledges. Heppel said if people want to take part that day they can simply make the $25 donation and walk the trails with the group.

“It’s a chance for people to come down and meet and greet with other pet owners and then walk around and visit. It’s also an opportunity for people to get out with their dogs and do some fundraising for the SPCA.”

All funds raised will go to the SPCA to support animal care and any extras that may be required. Heppel said they hope to see $20,000 raised by the event.

“It really ends up being quite good fun and we will have prizes for people who raise the most pledges and there is also a costume element where people can dress up their dog.”

All participants receive a t-shirt for themselves and a matching bandana for their dog.

Heppel said the event is also a great way to get information out to the public regarding what they are working on at the SPCA. “Right now we are working on the Pawsitive Play Zone which is basically the backyard project.”

She said when the facility was built the funds simply weren’t there to complete the backyard as they had wanted, so it is being worked on now and they are still working to raise the remaining $5,000 to complete the project.

“The dogs get walked every day by our volunteers but they don’t really get a chance to run free because we didn’t have the ability and it was mostly dirt back there.”

Heppel said there was a big push to fund the play zone so that the dogs would have a play space where they could be off leash and interact with other dogs.

“With this space we’re going to have the environment to work with the dogs on their manners and make them happier and therefore more adoptable.”

There will also be a memorial wall incorporated into the yard and the public is welcome to purchase plaques and other items.

Heppel said the goal is to make the facility even more community-oriented as well as making the animals more adoptable.

If people are unable to participate in Bark at the Bend they are invited to make pledges to the SPCA team at or download the pledge forms there as well.