Area residents battle flash floods

  • Jul. 13, 2011 2:58 p.m.

Heavy rainfall on Monday afternoon caused flash flooding in the City of Lacombe leaving motorists stranded and several basements with two to three feet of water.

The sudden downpour put to much strain on the City’s sewer system so water overflowed onto streets and ultimately into many basements.

Cars were stalling in the middle of roads and had to be left behind by motorists.

Police were asking residents to stay away from the area, and to avoid attempting to drive through the water.

Meanwhile, many homes in Eckville faced the same circumstances Monday after a big thunderstorm hit the area that evening.

Reports say that more than 100 homes were affected in the flooding.

This flooding comes on the heels of what Slave Lake residents were putting up with last week.

After devastating fires that wreaked havoc in May, it was flooding last week that contributed more to the damage across the community.

The Canadian Red Cross was helping about 65 people who have been displaced in the fire-ravaged town because of flooding.

Some of those displaced have been families who were living in basements temporarily after wildfires destroyed their homes.