Accused murderer’s children testify at trial

The three children of the man accused of killing their mother in Delburne two years ago took the stand during his trial last week.

Brian Clarence Volker, 50, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his estranged wife 44-year-old Debi Volker.

She was found shot in her Delburne home on Feb. 23, 2009.

Brian is also charged with break and enter, one count of breaching conditions of release and three counts of failing to comply with previous court orders.

The five-week trial continues this week in Red Deer.

Last week Brian and Debi’s children Jeremy Volker, Jordan Volker and Janelle Volker, all took the stand and recounted the night their mother was allegedly murdered in their rented Delburne home.

On Feb. 22, 2009, Jordan recalled going out for dinner with his two siblings and his father Brian.

He said he noticed his dad “didn’t talk or eat much that night”, which he described as not being the norm. “Usually he has a lot of opinions about things,” he said.

After finishing dinner, Jordan and his siblings returned to their mother’s house in Delburne.

At around 3 a.m., Jordan said he was woken up by Janelle who came into his room.

“She woke me up at 3:04. The image has yet to leave my mind,” he testified. “She said we have to get out of the house. I grabbed my knife and followed her out of my bedroom, across the house to the door and I heard a loud bang of some sort – sort of like a door slamming,” adding that he saw movement in the kitchen area when he was leaving the house.

Jordan said not knowing what to do, or what was happening, the three siblings drove around Delburne in Jeremy’s truck before deciding to go over to an uncle’s house.

Jeremy and Janelle also took the stand last week as did a number of police officers who attended the scene of the Delburne home in which Debi was found dead as well as Brian’s farm where he was found lying on the snow covered ground after the alleged murder.

In 2009, Debi’s murder came after she made the necessary steps in the months prior to avoid further violence and abuse against herself and children by moving her and her children out of the family farm 8 kms east of the village and into a new home in Delburne, 55 kms east of Red Deer.