Accused murderer doesn’t remember shooting

Brian Clarence Volker testified on Thursday that he does not remember anything to do with the shooting death of his estranged wife.

Volker, 50, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his estranged wife 44-year-old Debi Volker.

She was found shot in her Delburne home on Feb. 23, 2009.

Volker is also charged with break and enter, one count of breaching conditions of release and three counts of failing to comply with previous court orders.

Volker took the stand and broke down in tears several times on Thursday during his Court of Queen’s Bench trial, which could wrap up early next week.

Months before Debi’s death, Volker said he sought the help of his family doctor for depression and sleeping issues.

“I was only sleeping maybe one or one and a half hours a night,” he testified. “It was starting to affect my work and daily activities.”

Volker also said he would drink a half a glass of whiskey or rye regularly before bed in hopes of helping him get some sleep.

In the early evening of Feb. 22, 2009, Volker said he took his children out for dinner in Delburne.

“We said our usual goodbyes, hugs and kisses on the cheek and they waved at me,” a tearful Volker said.

After dinner, he went over to his sister’s house to watch curling on television.

“I left my sister’s house at about 9:30 (p.m.) and had to be home by 10 (p.m.) because of my curfew,” said Volker.

He added once home, he took five sleeping pills in hopes of helping him get a restful night’s sleep in order to tackle the next work day.

“That’s all I can tell you,” said Volker.

The shooting took place around 3 a.m.

Volker said the next thing he remembers was waking up in the hospital the following day.

Earlier in the trial, Volker’s three children, Jeremy, Jordan and Janelle testified.

Jeremy said he physically struggled with his dad in their mother’s home minutes before the shooting.

On Friday, the crown and defense will give their closing statements.