A plea to boomers and seniors

  • Apr. 15, 2015 2:58 p.m.

Your love affair with the PC government needs to end. Recognize that literally any other party will be more fiscally conservative and more progressive.

The PC government loves to spend your money, not on valuable services and infrastructure, but on lavish events, luxury golf courses, international travel expenses, golden handshake transition allowances, severances, and pensions, and blatant crony-ism. They are elitist and extreme. They had 40 years to make Alberta the envy of the world, instead they created $18 billion in deficits over the next three years, have let international corporations run away with our oil resource for peanuts, and demand more out of working families’ pockets.

We are being fleeced by this PC government. It is time for a change. Please pick anyone else!

Peter Nuttle

Red Deer