Country business survey extended

A survey of Red Deer County business owners has been extended

By Advocate staff

A survey of Red Deer County business owners has been extended.

The county hired Ipsos Reid to canvass businesses online about how well the municipality is meeting their needs. The survey, which is posted on the county’s website at, asks respondents for their opinion on the quality of services they receive, the value they’re getting for their tax dollars, and what their priorities are. It also encourages them to identify things the county is doing well and where it could improve, and what their plans for the future are.

The confidential survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, was supposed to conclude Jan. 15. But that timeline will now continue until the end of this month.

Tyler Harke, the county’s economic development co-ordinator, said response to the survey has probably been hurt by the fact it was conducted over Christmas and year-end.

“That can be a pretty busy time for everyone.”

He said there are about 500 businesses in the county, and as broad a response as possible is desired.

The county previously used Ipsos Reid earlier to conduct a resident satisfaction survey.