Taking issue with the proposed transmission line

The Western Alberta Transmission Line project letter published Feb. 2 in your paper, confirmed the information I attained while attending the Landowners Against Bills 19, 36, 50 meeting, held Jan, 25 in Castor.

Today, Bill 50 has left the Alberta Utilities Commission only the authority to determine if the route is in the public interest.

What is missing is alarming and most disturbing. The need for the WATLP, whether or not it should be built and owned by a particular utility company, and if the costs are reasonable, regulations have been eliminated.

Truthfully, our ‘needs versus wants’ were considered, prior to Ted Morton’s Bill 50. The privatization of government-owned corporations has taken place, all thanks due to the Progressive Conservatives, allowing more than our power bills to run wild.

Remember how the former Premier Ralph Klein used to state, “The government has no business being in business.” Mr. Klein, currently is a director for AltaLink, so he and his friends support the WATLP, while the Industrial Power Commissioners Association of Alberta vehemently objects.

The line is not needed, there are no costs controls, power bills will triple and potentially quadruple cost in 10 years, were some of the concerns spilled out. They added that leaving Alberta would be their only option if the WATLP project proceeded. Despite many attempts of the IPCAA, Stelmach and his MLA’s did not listen to any and all concerns expressed.

I have received an invitation to attend any or all six open houses for Transmission Development in the Red Deer regions. In a large font and bolded, the invitation proclaims, “You’re invited….we’re listening”. No, they are not listening and it would nice is all concerned invitees could wear an apron to cover their winter coat that declared in a red, very large font “No you are not”.

Laurie Richards

Red Deer