Taking exception to readers’ comments regarding bin Laden’s death

So Emma (Marsh) you do not recall Osama Bin Laden being convicted of any crime against humanity? (Letter May 4, 2011)

Do you recall that Osama is the admitted and undisputed leader of al-Qaeda, an organization which openly encourages attacks against innocent people throughout the world?

Are you not aware that in 2004 Osama appeared in a video directly claiming responsibility for 9/11? That his organization has as well claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist attacks in Madrid, London, Bali, Kenya and Tanzania not to mention a number more of failed attempts in New York and L.A.?

I find your outrageous statement asking whom the real murderer is to be both incredibly insensitive as well as ignorant.

There are hundreds of books, articles and newspapers from around the world you can read detailing this network of terrorism and hate he has built. If this is not enough proof for you I encourage you to visit some of their websites and watch some of their videos and you can find out in their own words and actions what they are all about. What they stand for and just how innocent they are. Did you write a letter of outrage on behalf of beheaded American citizens like Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg? Where was their justice? Or did those events not interrupt your viewing of Celebrity Apprentice on a Sunday evening?

Should we really go through a dog and pony show trial to satisfy a few bleeding hearts such as yourself? Which will only serve to provide a platform for more hatred and incite further attacks? Is a trial really required when bin Laden has admitted to, praised and encouraged such heinous acts?

While you cry out for justice for Osama think about how many innocent people have died in these attacks and how many more people have to live with their loss. Think about the many Americans and Canadians that have died in Afghanistan trying to break up this organization he was the engineer and inspirational leader for? Think about them next time you are in a mall, a subway or on a plane and be thankful to them for giving their lives so you can live without fear. Mostly, think about the blanket of security that is provided to you by our troops and how your uninformed, insensitive comments undermine their purpose and method of doing so.

Maybe you should be thankful to president Obama and the thousands of others who had the courage and worked so hard to make our world a bit safer.

Do not mourn the failed justice of this murderer of innocent people. His legacy will live on in the network he has created and the next time a follower is on a plane lighting his shoe on fire pray it is not your loved one sitting next to him.

Scott Brilz

Red Deer