Sharing a passion for golf

If you look up the word ‘game’ in the dictionary you will find it means an amusement or past time.

Nowhere in the definition does it say it reflects life, it is life and death, nor does it say you need to win at all costs.

So keeping all that in mind, this week the National Golf Course Owners Association is offering you to take a kid to the golf course to play a game – for free!

Now we should be clear, you probably should be taking a kid who lives in your house or one which might be the next door neighbour’s child and you have a very good relationship with them. The idea is to grow the game of golf by introducing as many young people to the game as possible.

The only thing you spend is really your time so this is a very good deal all around. There maybe the diamond in the rough just waiting for someone to show them the ropes when it comes to golf, no strings attached.

Then when they are onto a career in the game of golf you can smile and be proud of the fact you introduced them to the game.

While you and junior are enjoying your game of golf it would also be a great time to teach them a few things about sportsmanship as it applies to golf or any other sport for that matter.

Let’s say junior takes a mighty swing at the ball and sends it straight sideways, coming to rest about ten feet away. He or she follows this by slamming the club into the ground in the same manner Thor pounds his hammer into the earth.

That would be a good time to explain to them how poor that looks and also just how dangerous it can be if the shaft should snap, transforming the club into a very pointy spear.

Junior might also decide to launch the club down the fairway, passing the ball by some 30 yards. You might be tempted to applaud such a feat of strength but helicoptering your driver is frowned upon. Of course there may be some who might explain to the child how to get more height and distance from the club throw but those players are also frowned upon.

So if you can spare the time this week, check out a course making this offer and take a kid out to play the game.

Of course remembering at all times, it’s just a game and should be treated as such.