Questioning why glasses aren’t allowed in driver’s licence photos

Yesterday I went to renew my driver’s licence. The clerk did all the paperwork, took my $84.45 (outrageous amount), and then had me sit to take my picture. She instructed me to remove my glasses. When I refused, the clerk said it was a new policy and called the Edmonton Motor Vehicle Branch to confirm.

I have worn prescription glasses for 50 years and when I refused to remove my glasses, the clerk gave me my old licence back and would not process my renewal, saying it would be rejected if sent in for the new licence with me wearing my glasses.

The following morning I phoned the Motor Vehicle’s Branch, Edmonton, and asked for someone who knew the new rule/policy for not wearing glasses to have your driver’s licence picture taken.

It was looked up in the Policy Manual and I was informed that the new rule was made up when the software was designed to help cause less theft or fraudulent changes to these documents. It has something to do with a laser effect on the card but wearing glasses does not allow the software to work properly.

If the people who designed the software are so smart, why could they not design it so it is effective when people wear prescription lens instead of making thousands of people angry and taking a picture that is not a true likeness of each driver.

Pat Curtis