Now we’re just ‘indifferent’ and ‘ignorant’

The new terms being generated in the international medias, about Canadians in this new world are; indifference and ignorance. I think it is our indifference that only makes us appear ignorant.

Government members and intellects are astonished that we appear indifferent to the assault on democracy in our own back yard, thus the question of our intellect.

A British publication writes that the prime minister’s proroguing of Parliament was clearly in the prime minister’s own “naked self interest” and would not be tolerated in other democracies.

Add in the aggressive actions against almost every watchdog and committee established to protect Canadians against corruption. Firing, decommissioning, budget cuts, dismantling, and character assassinations to name but a few then add in denials, obstructions, evasions and attack ads and we have the makings of an autocratic government.

This so-called law and order government has done everything it can to manipulate the rules, taken to courts those who resist or fight back, fired those who refuse to compromise safety, cut funding to watchdogs who present a different picture that the one the government is trying to paint, obstructed and refused to co-operate with commissions that were set up to ensure compliance and investigate the possibilities of wrong doings.

In the 21st century Canada will not be taken over by generals turning the military against us, Canada will lose its freedoms and rights by stealth. Rules and restrictions will be installed under the guise of an emergency. We will lose a part of our identity and dignity a little bit at a time.

Democracy will die a “Death from a Thousand Cuts”.

Laws will be implemented that are politically motivated but will be in reality ineffectual. Watchdogs will languish under heavy burdens and budget cuts. Commissions will die through attrition. Boards will not meet and issues will go unresolved. Opposing views will be silenced by threats, and huge political machines with huge negative advertising budgets.

Canadians are apparently unconcerned but as the saying goes; “You don’t know what you have until it is gone.”

Other countries that have histories much longer than ours can see what is happening and they can talk about similar instances in their history but Canada being a young country needs to relive history, re-invent the wheel.

The prime minister is supposed to lead by example and show that laws affect everyone equally. This prime minister not only does not respect the laws but has made an international name for his skills in finding maneuvers and loopholes to avoid complying with the laws.

He breaks traditions at his whim, manipulates the rules to his benefit and takes to court anyone who calls him on his actions.

Canadians are worried about their jobs and perhaps and are more inclined to be reactive than proactive. Everyone else can see that indifference and ignorance cannot win the battle against well financed power and greed and our prime minister is counting on it. We were once called “cool” now we are just “indifferent” and “ignorant”.

I wonder what we will be called next. Do we care?

Garfield Marks

Red Deer