Low-income people should have the right to choose where they live

It’s still the Buffalo no matter what the City has done to it; it’s still the Buffalo. Giving the place a new name is not going to change things.

Just because people are low income doesn’t mean they should have to settle for neighbourhoods like the Buffalo.

I am sure the mayor is patting himself on the back for this project. Why not develop the big empty lot on the street near the bridal shop? Behind that brown plywood lays an eyesore.

The lot owned by Loaves and Fishes is just a large mud hole for children to play in. In winter it is the ‘cuss’ street as it is hard to get to the bus as it is not shoveled nor maintained.

The City should develop lots like on Ross St. that used to be a gas station and lots that used to have businesses on them, giving low-income people the choice of where they wish to live.

Mickaylehea Kien

Red Deer