Learning Disabilities Association is vital to community

As a former volunteer tutor with this association I have experienced the first hand benefits of its programs. It was a pleasure to watch students gain confidence and self esteem as they progressed.

Unfortunately in the past and again recently a lack of funding caused cancellation of some programs. This is very disruptive for students who are of varying needs and age groups, as well as the staff members who have been specifically trained to teach them.

Learning is a continuing process and it is noteworthy that in the summer camps which are geared to teach social interaction and skills in an atmosphere of fun and spontaneous enthusiasm it is delightful to observe them.

Since an infusion of a substantial donation averted a longer disruption, it is my hope that with the current board, memberships and public support the association will be able to operate uninterrupted in future.

In conclusion my belief is that persons with learning disabilities are teachable but in a different manner and they often excel if given the proper tools to accomplish this feat.

I encourage anyone needing help or interested in helping in any capacity to contact the office of Learning Disabilities –Red Deer Chapter.

Emily Hillis

Red Deer