Frustrations over pushing the season

I honestly can’t believe how retailers are pushing the Christmas season on us already. Summer is barely over, and yet here we are seeing holiday décor and gift ideas popping up already. Give us a break. Let us get through Thanksgiving and Halloween before we are hit with the frantic Christmas shopping season. This seems to be a trend – every year Christmas is being promoted earlier and earlier. This takes away from what is a wonderful season by mixing it up with promotions for other holidays.

The next thing we know, Santa Claus will be making visits to local malls in the summer months.

I love Christmas just as much as the next person, but to see stores already pushing their holiday-themed goods so early is disheartening. It really goes to show, ultimately, how commercialized the Christmas season has become over the years.

My advice to retailers – hold off and spend more time focusing on each individual holiday. I think that would be better for you and for shoppers’ sanity.

Frances Crouch

Red Deer