Comfort Care Cart provides help to patients and families

I would like to respond to the wonderful article by Erin Fawcett, published in the March 23, 2011 Red Deer Express titled ‘Local volunteers make patients’ days brighter.’ I would like to commend Erin for sharing this great feel good news story about these two wonderful ladies, Gail and Dianne, and all they give of themselves to those in need.

I would like to highlight some very important information that I think should be shared about just how these two ladies, together with several other great volunteers, are able to be there for those who need it.

The ‘Comfort Care Cart’, as its known to those lucky enough to be familiar with it, is used in several different patient units of the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre by many other volunteers. The cart program is managed through the Volunteer Resources Department, and its co-ordinator, Linda Davies. This cart has provided comfort care to our Hospital’s patients by providing refreshments, entertainment, or just simple conversation. The Comfort Care Cart has been a very welcome part of the family on the Palliative and Oncology units at the Red Deer Regional Hospital (Unit 32), and in fact it was from this unit that the initial funds were supplied to start and support the program.

The Red Deer Regional Health Foundation is now a proud supporter of the Comfort Care Cart program, which for those who don’t know, is a not for profit organization that works full time in raising funds to enhance health care for the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation.

If any of the citizens of Red Deer or Central Alberta are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer at the Red Deer Regional Hospital, they can contact Volunteer Resources at 403-343-4715, or email Linda at, or, if you would like to become involved in the various fundraising programs with the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation, you can call 403-343-4773, or email us at

We recognize just how fortunate we are to live in such a great city, with all the wonderful volunteers who give selflessly of their time, as working together, we make such a difference!

Alaine Martin

Red Deer County