City council should make the decision where fluoride is concerned

When City of Red Deer conducted the survey regarding how people wanted the decision made for fluoridation of drinking water to continue or not the intent of the survey was to clarify the process of how to go about making the decision first.

My personal feelings are City council should do the job we elected you to do. Research and make a decision and listen to what your voters are telling you. Waiting for a plebiscite to be held in the 2013 election is too far away and plebiscites, according to Wikipedia “is a direct vote similar to a referendum, but differs in that it is consultative and the outcome of the vote is not legally binding”.

I attended the meeting on Monday night (Nov. 21) as well and was unable to speak to all but three City councillors. Who I did talk to, I would say at least half were as interested in information regarding the anti-fluoride issue as well as why we wanted the decision made the way we wanted it.

Once we are past how they are going to make the decision there will be a free flow of information which the pro-fluoride side believe the anti-fluoride side has no scientific research to back. They are wrong.

Quoting Dr. Arvid Carlsson in a discussion regarding topical versus systemic (ingested) effects of fluoride and tooth decay, it is now acknowledged by dental researchers to be incorrect. According to the Centre’s for Disease Control, fluorides predominant effect is TOPICAL (direct contact with the teeth) and not systemic (ingested). Hence, as we all know, there is no need to ingest fluoride to derive its “purported” benefit for teeth.

These statements are followed by three sheets of scientific backup resource. Dr. Carlsson of Sweden, is a co-winner of last year’s Nobel Prize for medicine.

The Faculty of Dentistry U of T strongly opposes water fluoridation. This information is from the Brampton Guardians online newspaper, and is a comment to a Letter to the Editor by a dentist advocating water fluoridation.

Another point I would like to stress are correct terms for what we are talking about here: The City of Red Deer uses Hydrofluosilicic Acid into our drinking water some times also known as Hexaflurosilicic Acid.

The City spends over $60,000 per annum on this toxic and dangerous chemical.

There are scientific studies around the world showing this is a dangerous chemical if ingested and only useful if topically applied.

A decision to remove fluoride gives all Red Deerians a choice and is not a mass medication of a pubic that has not given their consent to have the City look after their dental health. Savings from medicating the wrong demographic can the go to medicating the correct one in the proper manner.

I know I haven’t asked the City of Red Deer to be my dentist. I have a really good one I trust and she respects my stance on non-fluoridation.

Coreen Evans

Red Deer