Chicken feed for brains?

In regards to Eva Jensen’s letter to the Red Deer Express dated Feb. 8, 2012 regarding the “chicken issue”.

I am in total agreement with Eva and think our mayor and City council have chicken feed for brains for even considering this ridiculous issue.

This reminds me of the New Year’s resolutions people make – eager and willing at the start but only lasts a week or two and it’s forgotten. They are bored with it or it’s too much work, then what?

The City is no place for chickens. They belong on a farm to run and scratch the earth, not in the City where their space will be extremely limited.

Chickens are messy, poop anywhere and everywhere, not to mention the noise and smell, the infestation of mice that accompany farm animals and property value will fall drastically.

I personally do nit want someone living beside me or near me with a coop of chickens. The sheriff/RCMP will be kept very busy.

More people need to speak out/write letters to City Hall to get this asinine project stopped.

Christine Fedorchuk – Laliberte

Red Deer