Bouquets to WestJet

The staff at WestJet made a difficult situation much easier for my daughter and myself on March 23, 2012. We were scheduled to travel on Flight 611 from Toronto to Calgary. Upon reaching Gate B41 I became violently ill with gastrointestinal issues. After speaking with WestJet staff regarding the possibility of pre-boarding it was decided to contact medical for an assessment. A police officer and two medics arrived and an examination was done. It was decided that I should not travel until later and we were booked on a later flight for that same day. However my symptoms did not subside —- my daughter discussed the situation with WestJet staff and it was decided that we should wait at least until the next day. My daughter asked for a ‘phone book or ‘phone numbers for a hotel near by and a taxi to take us there. WestJet staff booked us into the Sheraton at the airport, obtained wheel chair service for me, pulled our luggage( which had already been loaded on Flight 611) and provided us with food vouchers —- all courtesy of WestJet (at no cost to us).

We were in Toronto to attend the taping of Canada Sings. My granddaughter was participating with the team from Purdy’s Chocolates from Vancouver. We know that WestJet also has a team participating in the Canada Sings Competitions and we wish them well. By the way it is to be aired on Global TV starting May 15. The circumstance we found ourselves in was in no way a fault of WestJet . Their customer service is excellent and is very much appreciated. We are making sure that our friends and family are aware of this.

Joyce Gallagher

Red Deer