Association closure averted

Thanks to several significant anonymous donations, the Red Deer office of the Learning Disabilities Association will remain open. The organization had been prepared to close for the summer months due to a lack of funding but with the receipt of these private donations, we will be open. Our focus during the summer months will be to provide tutoring to children needing remedial help. Parents wishing to access the service can contact the Learning Disabilities Office at 403-340-3885.

The Learning Disabilities Association has a new board of six people and is looking to recruit more interested community members to the fold. In an age of increased belt tightening and funding cutbacks, there has never been a more critical time for an organization such as this to exist. Thank you to those who have supported our work in the past. We continue to rely on the community’s assistance as we look forward to growing with Central Alberta in the future.

Rod Stafford-Mayer

Board Chair

Learning Disabilities Association