All about votes, votes and votes

Have all of our politicians lost their marbles or did they not have any when

we were duped into electing them? Where has common sense gone?

Who does Prime Minister Stephen Harper think he is offering to build a new arena in Quebec City? In my opinion this is just a big ploy for Quebec votes and the other party politicians wouldn’t dare shoot it down as they are also looking for votes in Quebec. Votes seem to be all that politicians care about, this being right or wrong or accountable doesn’t matter to them. It’s votes, votes votes.

If he is going to build an arena in Quebec city then he should also build one in Edmonton and add Winnipeg to the list and I believe it’s Hamilton that would also like one so they can get an NHL hockey team.

That will be well over a billion dollars subsidizing millionaire owners and millionaire players.

By the way we are also subsidizing horse racing in Alberta. We are also subsidizing Quebec’s perks that we in Alberta don’t get with our forced equalization formula.

While our great misguided prime minister blows our money for votes our health care system, our education system and our seniors, and other citizens’ safety nets are deteriorating at a rapid rate.

Our political system needs a serious revamping if this small nation is going to survive with this kind of unaccountable management.

I would appreciate our most honourable prime minister, and lesser governments, tell us where seniors on fixed incomes are supposed to get the money to cover tax increases. Are we expected to switch to pet foods while he pumps billions of dollars into the rich?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the rich, but I don’t see the rich losing their homes like the working poor, who have tried for years to get ahead, to lose everything on an economic downturn while large corporations benefit from their loss.

I could go on for a 100 pages but I’ll stop here and write more letters in the near future.

E.T.(Tom) Skoreyko

Red Deer