A real story we should be looking at

Your newspaper has been following the (Brian) Volker case for quite some time. The emphasis always seems to be on the part of the story that frankly, I don’t care about. I think the majority of the community feels the same. I do not need to read about another selfish, destructive person who destroyed a family. He says he doesn’t remember anything about that evening but unfortunately, those children will never be able to forget it. And what kind of a person puts them through it all over again through the courts?

Other than hearing he is being sent to prison for life, I don’t care to hear about him again. What I do care about are the children. How are they? Is there a trust fund set up for them? Is there something that the community can do to help? Please do not be intrusive into their lives but please let us know how they are doing. They have been through a horrific event and the community would like to know how to assist them. Please let them know that there are many people who care about them, are wishing them the best, and would like to help them if at all possible. Please focus on the most important part of this situation – the children.

Karen Oatway

Red Deer

Editors note: A trust fund is set up at the Delburne Servus Credit Union for the children