A new direction for agriculture?

While strolling down the grocery isle on my latest shopping trip I noticed how many organic options are now available.

From organic fruit and vegetables, to meat and dairy, this is a great indication of where Canadian agriculture is headed; toward a post-productivist industry structure where local producers are able to stay competitive in their respective markets.

As a result of the green revolution, agriculture switched to a productivist structure where farm sizes increased and farm numbers decreased.

The intent was to achieve maximum efficiency for food production, but this often meant that small family farms were muscled out of the market. With an attention shift toward organic food, rural family farms may be able to achieve some competitiveness with the bigger firms by becoming certified as organic.

Buying goods that are produced locally is a trend that many Canadians are starting to follow.

Locally produced agricultural products that are certified organic have a certain value that Canadian consumers are looking for; a value of knowing where your food is coming from and feeling more connected to the production process.

Now small family farms will have the opportunity to take advantage of this new market and contribute to the shift toward sustainable farming practices. Not only will the small farms begin to prosper once again, but profits will be seen by the rural communities, increasing the well-being of our rural community members across Alberta.

Hawley Campbell

Red Deer