Sam Weber, in back, is heading out to Bo’s Bar & Grill Aug. 23rd to perform with his band. photo submitted

Sam Weber, in back, is heading out to Bo’s Bar & Grill Aug. 23rd to perform with his band. photo submitted

Vancouver Island-based singer Sam Weber releases new single

He and his band head to Bo’s Aug. 23rd

Canadian singer-songwriter Sam Weber has released a new single titled Ain’t It Always, which will be included in his band’s new EP set to be released soon.

Weber, who resides on Vancouver Island, has been hard at work on the international circuit and he and his band now have what is one of their biggest tours yet, set to perform across the United States and Canada.

“We’re just hitting the road really hard. We haven’t toured that ambitiously in a while,” he said in a recent interview, adding that the group will be playing around 70 shows.

His latest song Ain’t It Always includes a new-found Southern California influence. Weber has been spending a lot more time down south in the States with his drummer Marshall.

“We’ve always loved music from Los Angeles so we started spending more time down there in that scene and we were meeting a lot of new people and a lot of our heroes and musicians that play on a lot of the records we love.”

Weber said they experienced incredible music and camaraderie there and from that, inspiration.

“Songwriting-wise, the song isn’t about that, but the whole energy and the way the whole thing came together was inspired by having new-found inspiration for playing music and a new approach for it,” said Weber.

He’s often been asked if he’s written about the beautiful place he’s from on Vancouver Island, and while he’s written about where he lives he said, “I’ve yet to write the perfect Vancouver Island song.

“The songs that are really resonating with me that people like the most these days are ones where I think I’ve hit on a truth, whatever that is.”

Weber added that he’s been doing a lot of songwriting on things that happen to him in his life.

“If I can find a way to say it that’s honest and true then those are usually the best songs that come out. They’re usually the ones that end up on records and stuff.”

Growing up, Weber has a very musical family who he played with. He later began playing around bars in Sidney, a town close to his home in North Saanich, B.C.

Weber will be heading out to play at Bo’s Bar & Grill come Aug. 23rd, a place he’s played a few times.

“It’s one of our favourite spots to play.”

People can stream the group’s latest music on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

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