BEAUTY COMMUNITY - The Elwins will be heading out to Red Deer to perform songs from their latest album Nov. 2nd at Bo’s.Jesse Korgemaa photo

BEAUTY COMMUNITY - The Elwins will be heading out to Red Deer to perform songs from their latest album Nov. 2nd at Bo’s. Jesse Korgemaa photo

Toronto-based pop/rock quartet will hit Bo’s Nov. 2nd

The Elwins are excited to make a Red Deer return

The Elwins will be on the road to Red Deer soon as part of their cross-Canada tour.

The Toronto-based pop-rock quartet will perform some of their songs, including songs off their newly-released third album, Beauty Community out Oct. 13th.

They will be heading to Bo’s Nov. 2nd to perform some of their latest songs.

The band’s bassist and singer Francesco Figliomeni said the making of the album was quite the interesting process.

“I think on our last record we saw the most success we’d ever seen up to that point, and that’s something that really excited all of us, so I think going into this one we were really excited to get working on it, but maybe there was also a little bit of pressure that wasn’t necessarily there before,” said Figliomeni.

He said the group, which includes Feurd (Ian Robertson Moore), Travis Stoki and Matthew Sweeney, all worked very hard, and through the first chunk of making the record, were in a place where they had to write as many songs as possible, which Figliomeni said had them working in their own bubbles, not working collaboratively.

They reached a turning point halfway through the record where they felt like they were at their best when they were operating as a group, so they all ended up coming back together, working collaboratively on the back half of it.

“Going through all of that is something that was hard at the time, but we’re all really proud of how it ended up. That’s where the album title Beauty Community came from, realizing that we’re at our best when it’s all four members operating at full capacity and stuff instead of the four separate parts.”

Feurd, Travis and Matt all met in high school in Newmarket, which is where they all grew up.

“Matt and Travis started the band as a two piece and they recorded an EP and they knew Feurd from high school, and he joined and they recorded the first album,” said Figliomeni.

Figliomeni was from Newmarket as well, and heard about the band and had friends that liked them.

“I was just looking to join a band, so I joined back in 2012 and we’ve just been hitting the road ever since.”

Figliomeni first got into music through his relatives.

“My nonno used to play accordion for all of us when we were kids, me and my cousins and my sister, and then I had a lot of cousins who started to play music.

“They were playing piano and drums and stuff,” he said, adding that he then started learning guitar and piano.

He said through trying a bunch of different instruments he realized that songwriting was something he wanted to do.

He later ended up playing in a band with his cousins for a while and then, of course, The Elwins.

When it comes to songs on the record, there are some that Figliomeni sings on, and a lot that Matt sings on, so there’s different perspectives.

“It’s fun having a bunch of different songwriters in the band where I feel like everybody’s inspired by different things, but in general on this one, I feel like we were trying to be a little bit more personal with the lyrics and the songwriting.”

He said they still wanted there to be things that people could relate to, but he said they wore their hearts on their sleeves a bit more.

Figliomeni said a good moment the group recently experienced was when they received a free pair of Heely’s after they sent an email of a video they made to Heely’s asking if they could get a pair.

“On a more serious note, just being able to travel with three guys who I spend the majority of my time with and being able to go to Japan and experience those things as a group is something really, really special that I love.”

He said it’s made him reflect on the time he was a kid, going on a road trip with his parents.

“I used to go to New York with my parents as a kid and it was a nine-hour drive or something, and I was thinking about that, and thinking about how much time I’ve spent in a vehicle with the rest of the band, and I’ve probably spent the majority of my life with these guys,” he said with a laugh.

Already on the road, the group will be doing about a month in the states and will be doing a cross-Canada tour with a band called the Fast Romantics.

“We love coming out to Red Deer and are excited to go back to Bo’s. They’re always incredibly nice to us there.”

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