TALENTED TROUPE - Members of the Bull Skit Comedy team will be performing in several performances this week as their ninth season wraps up.

TALENTED TROUPE - Members of the Bull Skit Comedy team will be performing in several performances this week as their ninth season wraps up.

‘The Very Best of Bull Skit Comedy’ runs this week

Season nine finale set for May 18th-20th at the Scott Block in downtown Red Deer

Bull Skit Comedy is back for their season nine finale with three different nights of improv, sketch comedy and live music.

It all runs May 18th, May 19th and May 20th at 8 p.m. at the Scott Block Theatre in downtown Red Deer.

Tickets are available in advance online at www.bullskitcomedy.com or at the door – tickets are $19 each.

Bull Skit’s unique and hilarious blend of improv and original sketch comedy has made it Red Deer’s favourite source for laughs. This month, Bull Skit returns to the stage for The Very Best of Bull Skit Comedy, featuring musical guests The Dirty Show (May 18th), Paul Woida (May 19th) and Jojo O and the Woods (May 20th).

Each of these talented musicians continue to liven Central Alberta’s music scene by producing original, entertaining and memorable music.

Audiences won’t want to miss more than 30 original sketches featuring the entire company of Bull Skit Comedy in this weekend spectacle.

Enjoy the best sketches from Bull Skit’s season nine, including hilarious song parodies, the Foul Mouth Baby, an inside look into the life of Barb from Stranger Things, improvised comedy, and see why Lee Weselak has suddenly become so dramatic, according to a release.

Creating a sketch show is one thing, but this month, Bull Skit is putting the pedal to the metal by putting together three distinctly different hilarious shows in three nights.

It’s an exciting time as well as the troupe gears up for the launch of its 10th anniversary season, starting this September, said co-founder and artistic and executive director Jenna Goldade.

Looking back, Goldade and Amy (Erlandson) Wood created Against the Wall Theatre all those years ago, and initially, Bull Skit was a part of that. “It was this fun show that we wanted to do that was comedy based,” she explained. “And then it kind of turned into its own entity, which then became its own company over the course of those years.

“We felt like the show works, people like it – let’s do it!”

Goldade said the Bull Skit filled a niche right off the bat in the City for improvisational and sketch comedy. “It’s a fun show, and people get attached to the people in it and the characters that we do in the sketches. People also really love the improv – every show they come to is a completely different show.

“Even if you come to a mainstage sketch show one night, the second night you will certainly have some of the same sketch but it will still feel different because of the improv. And we try to infuse the improv into the sketch material so it’s fresh,” she said.

“And we literally create something new every single week.”

Currently, there are about 15 members of the troupe, and a few of them have been around since Bull Skit’s earliest days.

Everybody in the company writes material as well.

For Goldade, a love for improv was sparked early on. “I remember liking improv in high school, but not really getting to do it much.” She later took the theatre studies program at Red Deer College, and it was there she had the chance to explore it a bit further. “I remember thinking this is great. And I’ve always been a fan of Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett – these classic women comedians, so naturally improv ties into that as well.

“It just kind of made sense to go that route. So I did really fall in love with improv immediately when we started doing it with the company.”

Goldade is also a graduate of the RDC Motion Picture Arts Program.

Other career highlights included performances with the Canadian Improv Guild (Calgary), Loose Moose Theatre (Calgary), Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), Seattle International Improv Festival, and iO (Chicago).

Training credits include Second City improv and writing Intensives, iO Summer intensive, Loose Moose Theatre, and Rapid Fire Theatre.

She said over the years, she’s found there are misconceptions about what improv essentially is. Many people equate it with a knack for being really funny, but Goldade said you have to be able to create real moments onstage that people can relate to.

“That’s what draws people into improv – the relatability of what you are doing onstage,” she explained. “Comedy itself comes from life; everybody has these crazy, wild stories that they tell that are hilarious, but that’s because it’s what has happened to them in real life. So we show that onstage, too.”

Meanwhile, for this week’s shows, the doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.

Please note that Bull Skit contains mature language and adult themes.

For more information please visit www.bullskitcomedy.com.