YOUNG BEAUTIES - The Glorious Sons play the Red Deer Memorial Centre on Nov. 1st. photo submitted

YOUNG BEAUTIES - The Glorious Sons play the Red Deer Memorial Centre on Nov. 1st. photo submitted

The Glorious Sons return to Red Deer

Band plays the Red Deer Memorial Centre on Nov. 1st

The Glorious Sons out of Kingston, Ontario will be making their return to Red Deer on the heels of the release of their new album Young Beauties and Fools.

The album, which follows their debut album The Union is a window into the soul of Lead Singer Brett Emmons, who combines powerful vocals with lyrical tales of alcoholism, lost love and growing fame.

Lead Guitarist, and Brett’s brother, Jay Emmons, said the album is a departure from their earlier work

“With The Union, we wrote a lot of that material in our jam space,” he said. “We would throw ideas at the wall and see what stuck. It was time consuming, but we had a lot of time since it was our first album. In Beauties, a lot of the things came from Brett’s voice notes. They were acoustic songs that as a band in the jam space, we couldn’t really find a home for them until we went to L.A. with these production guys.

“They saw these ideas of Brett’s as super unique little pieces. They showed us how we could turn these almost-folk little ditties into rock songs. It is super unique to compared to what we have done in the past and I don’t think a lot of other artists have explored that avenue.”

The album, which currently has the track Everything is Alright trending across Canada, is wide-open look into Brett’s psyche, according to Jay.

“A lot of it is very autobiographical. Brett is an open book as a lyricist, but the songs brought life to his stories and made it even more personal,” he said.

While much of the album has the familiar guitar-riffs that made songs from The Union like Heavy and Lightning instant hits, there is a deliberate effort by the band to evolve their sound, which is evident in the songs Josie and My Poor Heart.

“It (My Poor Heart) is a guitar-driven song, but it the rhythm is something we haven’t done before,” Jay said. “It has that shuffle beat that goes through it and we haven’t gone down that avenue.”

Jay added evolving their sound led to a fun atmosphere, but was something that required discipline during the process.

“We had a couple false starts and recorded a couple great songs in studio, but we still hadn’t found the sound we were searching for until we worked with those producers in L.A. That unlocked all the songs in Young Beauties and Fools.

The Glorious Sons have an strong legion of fans in Central Alberta, which has made returning to Red Deer something to look forward to for the band.

“It is kind of like playing a hometown show a few thousand kilometres away,” Jay said. “Right from day one, it has felt like we are hometown boys. We always really enjoy coming to Red Deer and playing rock n’ roll shows.”

The Glorious Sons play at the Red Deer Memorial Centre on Nov. 1st. Tickets are available through Ticketfly.

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