Students showcase their artistic creations

Middle Schools Awesome Art Show in Kiwanis Gallery

The talents of local emerging artists are on display in the downtown branch of the Red Deer Public Library through May.

The Red Deer Arts Council and Red Deer Public Library have joined forces to present the 29th Middle Schools Awesome Art Show, held in the Kiwanis Gallery.

Featuring students from Eastview, Central, Gateway, West Park and Glendale middle schools, the show runs until May 25th.

“There are over a dozen pieces from each school,” explains curator Diana Anderson of the Red Deer Arts Council. “It’s always interesting, because there are things that change every year,” she adds of the show’s remarkable diversity. “There’s some stuff that we would never expect to get, and then there are some of the recurring pieces that they are always working on.

“It depends on what their projects are through the year. There are paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics – and all done very, very creatively.”

This annual exhibit delights its audience with a variety of works expressing these young students’ talents as they experiment with different subject matter and media.

“It reflects really well on the middle schools around here for the material that they are pulling out for this,” said Anderson.

Bob Alspach, a retired City art teacher, has helped out the Red Deer Arts Council in a number of ways and always enjoys seeing what local young artists-in-training are coming up with these days. His time at both Eastview Middle School and Hunting Hills High School offered plenty of fulfillment in passing on his knowledge of all things artistic, and since retiring he’s been an active part of promoting the arts through the Council and other avenues as well.

“I like the camaraderie and the people, and I think it’s the teacher in me, too. I like to see how things are going.”

As for the middle school show, Alspach is impressed with the flourishing talents he sees coming from the younger set.

“It’s also interesting to see how each teacher brings their own interests and influence to the process, and how the kids latch onto that, and also just to see how things are changing over the years,” he explains. “It’s always exciting to see what they are doing.

“There’s a whole range of interests seen now and as they continue through high school.”

Next up for the Red Deer Arts Council is ‘Hang-ups and Insights: The 6th Annual IB and AP Art Show’ with Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School and Hunting Hills High School which runs May 27th to June 21st.

For more information, contact Diana Anderson at 403-348-2787.